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Town of Creemore

Creemore Overview

The charming village of Creemore is a little town north of Toronto, just shy of Collingwood, nestled amongst the valley of the Mad and Noisy rivers. The name may be familiar because of a certain beer, but there is much more to this town than famous craft beer.

Imagine going to a place where time seems to have stood still, old fashioned shops filled with treasures new and old make up the downtown and stately, historic century homes, are found on almost every beautiful tree-lined street. There are no big box stores, and no fast food franchises in Creemore. There are however exceptional cafes, restaurants and a local pub which always bustle with friends and families who gather for a pint, food and conversation.

The scenery and views are so breathtaking in and around Creemore, artists have been painting pictures of the area for years and the commercial sector has been successfully operating for over a century featuring artisans and merchants of all types who draw inspiration from the town, the people and the surrounding natural beauty.

Voted as one of the ten prettiest towns in Canada by Harrowsmith Magazine, Creemore is a magnificent place to visit or live; either seasonally, or year round.

Where Is Creemore Located?

Creemore lies approximately 130 kilometres (81 mi) north of Toronto, 40 minutes west of Barrie, and 20 minutes south of Collingwood and Georgian Bay. It sits on the eastern boundary of the Niagara Escarpment

Creemore History

French explorer Samuel de Champlain first visited the Creemore area in 1616 to promote trade with the Petun, a First Nation’s tribe, and wrote the first description of the area: “The country is full of hill-slopes and little level stretches, which make it a pleasant country.”

Creemore’s name and town origins have strong Irish roots – the name is derived from the Irish “cron mor,” which means “big heart” and it was the village’s founder, Irish entrepreneur Edward Webster who coined the name in the year 1845. He paid tribute to his family by naming the original streets after them: Elizabeth (for his wife and daughter), Francis and Wellington (for his sons), and Alice and William (for his parents).


Creemore Economy

Creemore has a vibrant small business community and is the home to Creemore Springs Brewery. The microbrewery was acquired by Molson on April 22, 2005. According to the Creemore Springs website ” We fire-brew our beer in an authentic copper kettle. This gives our beer complexity, balance and flavour”

Each year the Copper Kettle festival attracts thousands, closing the entire main street with activities and antique automobile displays, bands, farm animals and many other attractions for young and old.

Creemore Springs Brewery - Chery MacLaurin and Rob McAleer Chestnut Park

With its trendy boutiques and a large Legion hall, where auctions are frequently held, Creemore is a popular stop for Torontonians looking for a fun getaway. The local pub is also a busy place on weekends attracting thousands of Motorcyclists during the summer and snowmobilers in the winter.

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Creemore Interesting Facts

Tiny Jail

Creemore purportedly has the smallest jail in North America. It was built out of stone in 1892, and its first inmate was a black cow. The 15 x 20 ft. jail has 3 small cells that were mostly used for hosting rowdy townsmen in need of a place to ‘dry out’ before heading home in the morning. It was in use until the ‘40s and then abandoned, opening again in the ‘70s as a
tourist attraction.

Smallest jail - Creemore


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